Friday, August 9, 2013

Summerkin review


Book two in the Winterling series, by Sarah Prineas

Summerkin, the second book in award-winning author Sarah Prineas’s fantasy-adventure series that begins with Winterling, follows Fer, a young healer and warrior who’s fought to become the Lady of the Summerlands and now faces the task of ruling over a magical people in an enchanted realm.

Although Fer defeated the Mor, the evil, false Lady who terrorized the Summerlands, there are still those who do not trust her. To prove herself, Fer, aided by her deep connection to the natural world and her healing arts, enters a challenging contest. If Fer fails, she will lose her land and the realm will be closed to her forever.

Sarah Prineas combines a brave and resourceful young heroine with a richly detailed fantasy world and beloved folklore into a story that will delight middle-grade fans of Diana Wynne Jones, Ingrid Law, and Rick Riordan.


In Summerkin, Fer faces a whole bunch of other obstacles that threaten her land and people. Although Fer has defeated the Mor, there are still some who do not believe that she is the true Lady. To prove herself Fer must enter a competition that will determine if Fer is the true Lady. She will meet many people who will get in her way.

This book is humorous, fun and heart felt. I really liked how you get to learn a life lesson (if you have read some of my other reviews, you probably know that I find life lessons in almost everything). The life lesson is "always be yourself." You also get to learn about friendship. (something Rook still has to figure out!)
This book also  has a great plot, I cant wait for the next book!

My book rating: *****meg-a-stars

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Winterling review


Book one in the Winterling series, by Sarah Prineas

We live here, my girl, because it is close to the Way, and echoes of its magic are felt in our world. The Way is a path leading to another place, where the people are governed by different rules. Magic runs through them and their land.”

With her boundless curiosity and wild spirit, Fer has always felt that she doesn’t belong. Not when the forest is calling to her, when the rush of wind through branches feels more real than school or the quiet farms near her house. Then she saves an injured creature—he looks like a boy, but he’s really something else. He knows who Fer truly is, and invites her through the Way, a passage to a strange, dangerous land.

Fer feels an instant attachment to this realm, where magic is real and oaths forge bonds stronger than iron. But a powerful huntress named the MÓr rules here, and Fer can sense that the land is perilously out of balance. Fer must unlock the secrets about the parents she never knew and claim her true place before the worlds on both sides of the Way descend into endless winter.

Sarah Prineas captivates in this fantasy-adventure about a girl who must find within herself the power to set right a terrible evil.

In Winterling Fer is an adventurous and free spirited girl. She loves nature, and nothing feels more natural than the dirt beneath her feet, it is almost like she can feel all of the nature that surrounds her. She hates being cooped up, and often goes on long walks through the forest. One evening when Fer is out she saves a mysterious boy. This boy leads her to a magical world where an oath is as strong as a metal chain and magic runs through the air. In this magical land Fer will fin her destiny and all the answers to questions that have been bubbling up inside her for years.

Winterling is packed with adventure and excitement! The are so many things to love about this book: It has a great plot, adventure, betrayal and friend ship. I also loved the characters. As you go on in the book you get to learn more and more about the characters and their backgrounds.
One of the things I really liked about this book was that, you got to alternate between the two main character (Fer and the boy she saved). You get to see through their eyes, and see how they see the world around them.

 My Book Rating: ***** meg-a-stars

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Aphrodite the Beauty review

Aphrodite the Beauty
Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub & Suzzane Williams 
In Aphrodite the Beauty, Aphrodite, goddessgirl of love, must deal with jealousy after giving Athena a makeover. It doesn’t seem fair that the godboys pay more attention to her friend when Aphrodite is supposed to be destined for love! She also copes with a crush from an unlikely source—the nerdy Hephaestus (god of the smith)—and learns that love comes in many forms.

In Aphrodite the Beauty you get to learn about jealousy, inner beauty and friendship as we get to embark on yet another one of Joan Holub & Suzzane William's fun story's.
In this book Aphrodite has to deal with annoying godboys, her own emotions and a puzzling problem.
What I liked about this book was that you get to see some problems that kids (and adults) face in their every day life. This book shows you that there is a solution to every problem.
I also loved Aphrodite (she has that affect on people!), she is a cute and fun character. She may be a tad dramatic, but she has what really counts.

All in all, I give this book **** meg-a-stars!

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