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Shelby Bach Interview!

Shelby Bach
Author of : The Ever Afters series
Shelby Bach
Official Bio:
Shelby Bach grew up reading every book she could find and writing stories in battered notebooks. She also rarely came home with a clean shirt and had lots of accidents that ended with a hunt for Band-Aids. Nowadays she writes on her laptop rather than in a notebook, but not much else has changed.

I am honored to say that Shelby Bach has agreed to an interview! Those of you who read my review blog probably know that I am a HUGE fan of Shelby's books. So... Thank you Shelby!
Without further ado, here is the interview.

Hey, Meghan!

Thank you so much for interviewing me, Meghan! 

What is something that most people don't know about you?

Hmmmm. Okay, this is the first thing that came to mind: I could whistle from a ridiculously young age. My mom said that she took me into the doctor for a regular check-up when I was six months old, and when he asked about my development, Mom was all like, Shelby can whistle—is that normal? The doctor didn't believe her…so my mom had me demonstrate. The doctor was shocked, and he brought in all the nurses to watch me whistle for them. 

Of course, I forgot how to whistle sometime in preschool, and when I relearned the skill in elementary school, I was totally proud of myself since I didn't remember being a whistling baby. And when I showed my mom, expecting her to be all impressed, she told me this story. 

What do you do in your spare time?

Oh, I'm boring. I read. I go to dinner or to the movies with my friends. I have a thing for needlepoint and for cooking. I watch a fair amount of TV (I'm currently hooked on Sleepy Hollow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). But mostly I read. 

I love to travel too, though, and since I'm still getting to know the Pacific Northwest, I sometimes take drives for little mini-adventures. For example, I went to my first Washington state beach, and I ended up  getting into a bit of an accident on the way home—on a dark road, in the middle of the forest. That WAS an adventure. 
-I'm glad to know you are ok :)

Who is your favorite author?

This is a hard question!!!! I have too many favorites! Can I do a top ten list? 

Here we go, in no particular order: Madeleine L'Engle, Robin McKinley, Gail Carson Levine, Kirsten Cashore, Sarah Addison Allen, John Green, C. S. Lewis, J. K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Neil Gaiman. Six of these have been on my favorites list since I was 13, so clearly, they have staying power. But if you asked me which new authors I loved the most, or which adult authors I love the most, the list would look very different. 

When did you decide you wanted to be an author?

You know, I don't remember ever deciding that I wanted to be an author. In second grade, I have a very clear memory of telling someone that I wanted to be either a teacher or a writer when I grew up, but once I started practicing more (ie. writing my own stories), becoming an author became center stage. By middle school, that was my number one goal, and I didn't really waver on it after that. 

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

It's a two-way tie: getting to know my characters and getting to know my readers. The first thing was something I always enjoyed about writing, but the second thing was a delightful surprise that came after getting published. :-)

What would be your dream come true?

Well, now that I'm an author, my dream HAS come true in a lot of ways. But that answer is pretty boring. 

Sooooooo, let's say: I would LOVE to win a trip—all expenses paid, maybe even with room for friends—to go to five countries of my choice: Japan, China, Morocco, Scotland, and Ireland. Or maybe Turkey, Czech Republic (Prague), France (Provence), Singapore, and Peru. And I forgot about Greece and Norway and Chile! I obviously have a hard time narrowing things down, even made-up choices like this. :-P

What is your advice to those who want to be authors?

I usually tell people to practice, but I'm pretty sure that you already do that, Meghan. I've also told young writers this year to figure out what makes them tick as a writer, and you've probably already read that too. 

So, here's a new one: learn how to listen to your story. 

I mean that in two ways: first, sometimes the story wants to go off in a direction that wasn't what the writer expected. For example, when I first started The Ever Afters, I knew Chase's dad would be important in Of Giants and Ice, but I never planned his mom's side of the family taking over Of Witches and Wind. I loved it, though. I loved learning about his backstory, and letting Chase and Rory grow when they dealt with certain issues (which I can't reveal since they're spoilers!). If I hadn't listened to the story and been open to exploring that part of Chase, I would have missed out on something that is now one of my favorite parts of the whole series.

Now, the second thing I mean about learning how to listen to your story is learn what your story wants you to do with it—especially in relation to the world. For instance, when I was in middle and high school, I wrote a ton of stories that did NOT want to be shared…even though a lot of friends were curious about what I was writing all the time. So, I kept them to myself. Then I wrote some stories that only wanted to be shared with a few of my friends—the ones who loved reading and writing as much as I did, and that worked out pretty well. Next, in college, I wrote one that was adventurous enough to be shared with strangers, so I listened and put it online. People seemed to like it (but not everybody). The Ever Afters came a few years after that, and it felt different from the very beginning. It burned to be told AND to be shared—which is why I worked so hard to get it published. I'm still a firm believer that not every story needs to be published, and I also believe that writers can feel the difference if they listen to their stories.

Once again, thank you Shelby Bach!

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Keeper Of the Lost Cities: Exiled review

Keeper of the Lost Cities: EXILE (Book 2)
By Shannon Messenger

Sophie Foster thought she was safe. Settled into her home at Havenfield, surrounded by friends, and using her unique telepathic abilities to train Silveny--the first female alicorn ever seen in the Lost Cities--her life finally seems to be coming together. 

But Sophie's kidnappers are still out there. And when Sophie discovers new messages and clues from the mysterious Black Swan group, she’s forced to take a terrifying risk—one that puts everyone in incredible danger. 

As long buried secrets rise to the surface, it’s once again up to Sophie to uncover hidden memories—before someone close to her is lost forever.

In this second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must journey to the darkest corners of her luminous world in a sequel that will leave you breathless for more.

Exiled is the second book in the Keeper Of the Lost Cities series. In this book you get to revisit Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Dex, the rest of the gang, and in addition to that you also get to meet a new character named Silveny. She is the first female alicorn to be found in the Lost Cities. In my personal opinion this book is
not as good as the first book, but the first book was AMAZING, which still makes this book pretty awesome.
This book has lots of fun characters and an exciting new twist!
There are many questions that are answered in this book, and many questions that have yet to be asked. I can not wait for the next book in the series!

My book rating: **** meg-a-stars

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The House Of Hades review

The House Of Hades
Book four in the Heroes Of Olympus series, by Rick Riordan

Heroes of Olympus, Book Four
Coming October 8, 2013

At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld. The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy’s instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death. If they can fight their way through the Gaea’s forces, and Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades, then the Seven will be able to seal the Doors both sides and prevent the giants from raising Gaea. But, Leo wonders, if the Doors are sealed, how will Percy and Annabeth be able to escape?
They have no choice. If the demigods don’t succeed, Gaea’s armies will never die. They have no time. In about a month, the Romans will march on Camp Half-Blood. The stakes are higher than ever in this adventure that dives into the depths of Tartarus.

The House Of Hades is another wonderful addition to the Heroes Of Olympus series. You get to see more of your favorite characters: Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, and Nico. You even get to see some of the characters from previous books, but you also get to meet some new ones!

This book has you sitting on the edge of your seat and leaves you wanting more! There is action, adventure and witty comments around every corner.  The House Of Hades has a great plot, great characters, and pulls the reader into the story.
In this book Rick Riordan has taken a different approach, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many secrets and surprises that unravel in this book. In my personal opinion some parts are overdone, but that does not change the fact that it is an awesome book.

My book rating:**** meg-a-stars

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Sarah Prineas Interview

Author Interview

Sarah Prineas

Author of The Magic Thief, and the Summerkin series!               


I would just like to say thank you to Sarah Prineas for agreeing to be interviewed. I know that she must have been busy so I am super happy that I am able to post this. So once again...
 Thank you Sarah!

Without further ado, here is the interview:

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

“I grew up on the east coast, but now I live in rural Iowa with my family and also two dogs, a cat, and three adorable goats.  The things that I love to do besides reading and writing, are going for hikes in the woods, gardening, and getting long emails from my friends.”
Which characters from any of your book series do you relate to?

“Well, I relate to all of them, one way or another, because I invented them.  The character I'm most like is Nevery because he's cranky in the mornings before he's had his tea--and I'm that way about my coffee.  I'm also a little like Rowan, because she's impatient and so am I.”
What is your favorite book?

"My favorite book of all time--that's a tough question!!  I'll try to list some of my favorites:

Picture book (tie): Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Four Fur Feet by Margaret Wise Brown.

Middle-grade book (tie): Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

YA book: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

Adult book (tie): Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien and Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry."
“I'm a little nutty about books, so I couldn't choose just one!!”

How do you get your ideas for books? For characters?
“When I start writing a book, it's like meeting the characters for the first time.  As I write, I get to know them and their world, and I start to figure out what's going to happen to them.  That's when the book gets rolling, and I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, and bring a notebook on hikes with me in case the ideas leap out of the woods at me, and really, the ideas are everywhere at that point.”
When did you decide you wanted to be an author?
“I didn't start writing until I was in my 30's!!  Before that I had a career and everything, and started writing because I was living in Germany and couldn't work there, and I needed something to do.  And wow, I discovered this thing that I *love* to do.”

What is your advice to those who want to be authors?
“I have three pieces of advice.  One: If you start something, try to finish it so you can understand what a complete story feels like. Two: Find a critique group; read their work and accept their comments on your work.  Three: (advice from one of my best writer-buddies) NEVER SURRENDER.  Writing can be hard and you can get lots of rejections, but you have to keep going past those challenges.”
Once again thank you!
“You're very welcome!  :D”
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Long Time No Review

Dear readers

I am so very sorry for disappearing. I have been very busy with all the things that come along with being in seventh grade: homework, friends, cranky teachers, middle school drama etcetera...

I have read so many books in the last month, that I don't know where to start. I have just recently finished reading Shannon Messengers Let the Sky Fall ,  Ingrid Paulson's Valkyrie Rising (my first 13-17 drama) and many others. I will get to working on all those reviews and they will be posted very soon.

In October there will be book reviews galore! Shannon messengers Keeper Of the Lost Cities: Exiled is coming out, Jeramey Kraatz's The Cloaked Society Villains Rising is coming out, and Rick Riordan's The House Of Hades is coming out (I love the Percy Jackson series)!

I am also arranging to post an author interview every month. Please tell me what you think about it in the comment box below.

Yours Truly
Live Love to Read

Pegasus the Flame of Olympus review

Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus

Book one in the Pegasus series, by Kate O'hearen

 When Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm, thirteen-year-old Emily’s life changes forever. Suddenly allied with a winged horse she’d always thought was mythical, Emily is thrust into the center of a fierce battle between the Roman gods and a terrifying race of multiarmed stone warriors called the Nirads. Emily must team up with a thief named Paelen, the goddess Diana, and a mortal boy named Joel in order to return Pegasus to Olympus and rescue the gods from a certain death.
Along the way, Emily and her companions will fight monsters, run from a government agency that is prepared to dissect Pegasus, and even fly above the Manhattan skyline—all as part of a quest to save Olympus before the Olympic flame burns out.

In Pegasus the Flame of Olympus, Emily is home alone in a thunder storm, when Pegasus crash lands on her roof. with so much going on Emily seeks help from a boy named Joel. All is going well when suddenly they are attached by Nirads. To save themselves and Pegasus, Emily and Joel flee the scene with Pegasus. While on the run Emily and the gang soon find themselves face to face with two Olympians, a goddess named Diana and a thief named Palen. They are told that the only way to save Olympus and their world is to find the flame of Olympus. 

This is a truly wonderful book. I love Mythology, so when I saw this book I knew that I had to read it. I really liked the plot. I find it hard to make up a plot for mythology, especially something original.
This book also has great characters, Emily and Joel are my favourites. Another thing I like about this book is the fact that it has a heroine. This is a book for both girls and boys and for ages 8+ (I believe that you can be eighty and still be able to read these books, if you are young at heart!)

My book rating= ***** meg-a-stars

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Summerkin review


Book two in the Winterling series, by Sarah Prineas

Summerkin, the second book in award-winning author Sarah Prineas’s fantasy-adventure series that begins with Winterling, follows Fer, a young healer and warrior who’s fought to become the Lady of the Summerlands and now faces the task of ruling over a magical people in an enchanted realm.

Although Fer defeated the Mor, the evil, false Lady who terrorized the Summerlands, there are still those who do not trust her. To prove herself, Fer, aided by her deep connection to the natural world and her healing arts, enters a challenging contest. If Fer fails, she will lose her land and the realm will be closed to her forever.

Sarah Prineas combines a brave and resourceful young heroine with a richly detailed fantasy world and beloved folklore into a story that will delight middle-grade fans of Diana Wynne Jones, Ingrid Law, and Rick Riordan.


In Summerkin, Fer faces a whole bunch of other obstacles that threaten her land and people. Although Fer has defeated the Mor, there are still some who do not believe that she is the true Lady. To prove herself Fer must enter a competition that will determine if Fer is the true Lady. She will meet many people who will get in her way.

This book is humorous, fun and heart felt. I really liked how you get to learn a life lesson (if you have read some of my other reviews, you probably know that I find life lessons in almost everything). The life lesson is "always be yourself." You also get to learn about friendship. (something Rook still has to figure out!)
This book also  has a great plot, I cant wait for the next book!

My book rating: *****meg-a-stars

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Winterling review


Book one in the Winterling series, by Sarah Prineas

We live here, my girl, because it is close to the Way, and echoes of its magic are felt in our world. The Way is a path leading to another place, where the people are governed by different rules. Magic runs through them and their land.”

With her boundless curiosity and wild spirit, Fer has always felt that she doesn’t belong. Not when the forest is calling to her, when the rush of wind through branches feels more real than school or the quiet farms near her house. Then she saves an injured creature—he looks like a boy, but he’s really something else. He knows who Fer truly is, and invites her through the Way, a passage to a strange, dangerous land.

Fer feels an instant attachment to this realm, where magic is real and oaths forge bonds stronger than iron. But a powerful huntress named the MÓr rules here, and Fer can sense that the land is perilously out of balance. Fer must unlock the secrets about the parents she never knew and claim her true place before the worlds on both sides of the Way descend into endless winter.

Sarah Prineas captivates in this fantasy-adventure about a girl who must find within herself the power to set right a terrible evil.

In Winterling Fer is an adventurous and free spirited girl. She loves nature, and nothing feels more natural than the dirt beneath her feet, it is almost like she can feel all of the nature that surrounds her. She hates being cooped up, and often goes on long walks through the forest. One evening when Fer is out she saves a mysterious boy. This boy leads her to a magical world where an oath is as strong as a metal chain and magic runs through the air. In this magical land Fer will fin her destiny and all the answers to questions that have been bubbling up inside her for years.

Winterling is packed with adventure and excitement! The are so many things to love about this book: It has a great plot, adventure, betrayal and friend ship. I also loved the characters. As you go on in the book you get to learn more and more about the characters and their backgrounds.
One of the things I really liked about this book was that, you got to alternate between the two main character (Fer and the boy she saved). You get to see through their eyes, and see how they see the world around them.

 My Book Rating: ***** meg-a-stars

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Aphrodite the Beauty review

Aphrodite the Beauty
Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub & Suzzane Williams 
In Aphrodite the Beauty, Aphrodite, goddessgirl of love, must deal with jealousy after giving Athena a makeover. It doesn’t seem fair that the godboys pay more attention to her friend when Aphrodite is supposed to be destined for love! She also copes with a crush from an unlikely source—the nerdy Hephaestus (god of the smith)—and learns that love comes in many forms.

In Aphrodite the Beauty you get to learn about jealousy, inner beauty and friendship as we get to embark on yet another one of Joan Holub & Suzzane William's fun story's.
In this book Aphrodite has to deal with annoying godboys, her own emotions and a puzzling problem.
What I liked about this book was that you get to see some problems that kids (and adults) face in their every day life. This book shows you that there is a solution to every problem.
I also loved Aphrodite (she has that affect on people!), she is a cute and fun character. She may be a tad dramatic, but she has what really counts.

All in all, I give this book **** meg-a-stars!

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Persephony the Phony review

Persephone the Phony
The Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
In Persephone the Phony, Persephone develops a crush on bad-boy Hades. Her mom (Ceres) and friends don’t approve, and Persephone finds herself sneaking around to see him. Hades convinces her to tell the truth, and it’s revealed that he isn’t all that bad, just misunderstood!
Persephone the Phony is a pretty good book. This book provides an entertaining way to learn life  lessons like : don't judge a book by its cover and always be yourself,  it also has a good plot. This book is a fun and short read.
What I really liked about this book series is that even though it is a twist on Greek mythology it still contains raw Greek mythology facts that help to enhance your knowledge while you get to enjoy a fun story.
I think that this is a good book for ages 8+ (I'm 13 and I enjoy these books)
My book rating: *****meg-a-stars
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River Secrets review

River Secrets
Book three in the Books of Bayern series by Shannon Hale

Razo has no idea why he was chosen to be a soldier. He can barely swing a sword, and his brothers are forever wrestling him to the. great enemy.
But when the Bayern arrive in the strange southern country, Razo discovers the first dead body. He befriends both the high and low born, people who can perhaps provide them with vital information. And Razo is the one who must embrace his own talents in order to get the Bayern soldiers home again, alive.
Newbery-Honor winner Shannon Hale returns the reader to the intrigue and magic of Bayern, first introduced in her critically acclaimed novel, The Goose Girl. Enter a world where even those with no special magical skills find in themselves something they never imagined.

In River Secrets you get to revisit some of your old friends from the previous books.
In this book Razo is chosen to go on a mission to help and protect the ambassador while they try to make amends with the people of Tira.
It proves to be more difficult than they thought, many people still have grudges from the war.
It's up to Razo to seek out information, and try to solve the mystery.
Along the way, Razo has to use his talents to help him overcome obstacles.

River Secrets is a great book. It has a lot of action, romance, humour and suspense. Razo is a fun character and is sure to get a few laughs. I like this series because you get to learn about all the characters in each book.
Enna burning and River secrets have a bit more fighting than the first book Goose Girl. However, it is very light and no matter how serious it is there will always be some humor to lighten the mood.

My rating: ****meg-a-stars

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Princess Academy

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Princess Academy review

Princess Academy
Book one in the Princess Academy series by Shannon Hale

Miri lives on a mountain where, for generations, her ancestors have quarried stone and lived a simple life. Then word comes that the king's priests have divined her small village the home of the future princess. In a year's time, the prince himself will come and choose his bride from among the girls of the village. The king's ministers set up an academy on the mountain, and every teenage girl must attend and learn how to become a princess.

Miri soon finds herself confronted with a harsh academy mistress, bitter competition among the girls, and her own conflicting desires to be chosen and win the heart of her childhood best friend. But when bandits seek out the academy to kidnap the future princess, Miri must rally the girls together and use a power unique to the mountain dwellers to save herself and her classmates

Princess academy is a great book. It has romance, adventure and heart. When reading the book there were moments that grasped all of my attention and I was fully immersed in the book! I love the characters. Miri is an awesome character. In my personal opinion there were parts of the story that were a little slow, but other than that I really enjoyed the book.

My book rating: **** meg-a-stars

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Keeper of The Lost Cities review

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Book one in the Keeper series by Shannon Messenger

Twelve-year-old Sophie has never quite fit into her life. She's skipped multiple grades and doesn't really connect with the older kids at school, but she's not comfortable with her family, either. And Sophie has a secret--she's a Telepath, someone who can read minds. But the day Sophie meets Fitz, a mysterious (and adorable) boy, she learns she's not alone. He's a Telepath too, and it turns out the reason she has never felt at home is that, well ... she isn't. Fitz opens Sophie's eyes to a shocking truth, and almost instantly she is forced to leave behind her family for a new life in a place that is vastly different from what she has ever known.

But Sophie still has secrets, and they're buried deep in her memory for good reason: The answers are dangerous and in high-demand. What is her true identity, and why was she hidden among humans? The truth could mean life or death--and time is running out

In Keeper of the lost cities, Sophie is introduced to a world she never knew. She has to face many problems and mysteries along the way to finding out who she really is and why she was raised so differently.

I loved Keeper of the Lost Cities! The whole idea of an elf society was intriguing. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. It has mystery, action, romance, humour, fun characters and a great plot. Throughout the book you will be able to learn about the characters and watch as the mystery unfolds.
I love Shannon Messenger's writing, it flows together nicely and describes everything so vividly.

Click here to go to Shannon's website for news, contests and more!
My book rating: ***** meg-a-stars

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