Friday, July 19, 2013

Of Giants and Ice review

Of Giants and ice

Book one of The Ever Afters series   by Shelby Bach

Rory Landon has spent her whole life being known as the daughter of a famous movie star mom and director dad. So when she begins a new after-school program and no one knows who her family is, Rory realizes something is different. After she ends up fighting a fire-breathing dragon on her first day, she realizes the situation is more unusual than she could have imagined. It turns out the only fame that matters at Ever After School is the kind of fame earned from stories Rory thought were fictional. But as Rory soon learns, fairy tales are very real—and she is destined to star in one of her own.

This first installment of The Ever Afters series reimagines classic fairy tale characters in a modern context, merging familiar fantasy with the everyday realities of middle-grade existence.

Of Giants and Ice is one of my favorite books! Its packed with adventure and I think it has an awesome plot.
 I am a big fan of fairy tales, so when I read this book I instantly loved the idea of people being characters and starring in fairy tales!
Rory Landon is an awesome character. She has a  great personality and makes a wonderful heroine. I personally love Rory because I can relate to being the new girl in school( I just started in a new middle school! YIKES). 
I think this is an awesome book for both boys and girls to read.
You will have a blast reading this book if you like modern fairy tales.

I highly recommend reading this book!

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My book rating: ***** meg-a-stars 

This book is for ages 8 and up

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