Friday, July 19, 2013

Of Witches and Wind review

Of Witches and Wind (ARC)

Book one of The Ever Afters series   by Shelby Bach


Once upon a time, there was a story waiting to be told…

Rory Landon has a Destiny. Everyone knows about it, but no one will tell her what it means. This is all very troubling considering the similarities between her and the infamous Snow Queen, trapped in her glass castle. No matter what it turns out to be, Rory is certain about one thing; she doesn’t want to be like her. But at the Ever After School program, you cannot choose your Tale. Having been a Companion on her best friend’s successful Tale, Rory has finally found her footing in this new world, where fairy tales are real. But when a nefarious plot threatens all her new friends, Rory finds herself back on another quest, this time to the lost continent of Atlantis. With the clock ticking away, and a never-ending cast of characters interrupting them, Rory’s destiny might not even matter if she can’t get through this alive.

If you liked Of Giants and Ice than you are going to love Of Witches and Wind!
In this book you get to revisit Rory, Chase and Lena as they start yet another exciting adventure! I loved the plot in this book!
Of Witches and wind is full of exciting twists and turns. There are many secrets that unfold in this book!

After reading Of Giants and Ice I didn't think that any book could top it... I was wrong. I absolutely loved this book! It was well thought out. I love how you get to learn more about the characters. Of Witches and Wind is a well paced book with tons of adventure and excitement.
(I would say more, but I don't want to give anything away)

My book rating: ***** meg-a-stars

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