Saturday, October 19, 2013

Keeper Of the Lost Cities: Exiled review

Keeper of the Lost Cities: EXILE (Book 2)
By Shannon Messenger

Sophie Foster thought she was safe. Settled into her home at Havenfield, surrounded by friends, and using her unique telepathic abilities to train Silveny--the first female alicorn ever seen in the Lost Cities--her life finally seems to be coming together. 

But Sophie's kidnappers are still out there. And when Sophie discovers new messages and clues from the mysterious Black Swan group, she’s forced to take a terrifying risk—one that puts everyone in incredible danger. 

As long buried secrets rise to the surface, it’s once again up to Sophie to uncover hidden memories—before someone close to her is lost forever.

In this second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must journey to the darkest corners of her luminous world in a sequel that will leave you breathless for more.

Exiled is the second book in the Keeper Of the Lost Cities series. In this book you get to revisit Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Dex, the rest of the gang, and in addition to that you also get to meet a new character named Silveny. She is the first female alicorn to be found in the Lost Cities. In my personal opinion this book is
not as good as the first book, but the first book was AMAZING, which still makes this book pretty awesome.
This book has lots of fun characters and an exciting new twist!
There are many questions that are answered in this book, and many questions that have yet to be asked. I can not wait for the next book in the series!

My book rating: **** meg-a-stars

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